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Korean Daily Fashion- Long Dresses Long dresses are popular Korean fashion trend in this summer. They are popular because long dresses are comfortable to wear but are also able to portray stylish look at the same time. Here are some different ways to style with long (maxi) dresses! Photo credits: Hotping, loveloveme, 66girls, mossbean

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Korean Fashion Sets

Korean Fashion SetsOutfits ideas in Korean style Hawaiian shirt, denim shorts and black sandals White t-shirt, red tennis skirt, denim jacket and white sneakers Black checkered shirt, beige mini skirt and white sneakers Pink graphic t-shirt, light denim shorts, brown sandals White graphic  t-shirt, black mini skirt and black converse sneakers Hot pink t-shirt, light […]

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Korean Couple Look

Korean Couple Look Couple look is a popular trend in Korea and it is when couples dress up alike as their tastes in fashion become similar. This is usually done by wearing corresponding fashion items such as t-shirts, hoodies, swearers and jackets or coats. Couple look is also a sign of showing their ‘love’ or ‘relationship’ for […]

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