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Korean Daily Fashion

Feminine Dolly Look Here are some outfits which portrays a doll feminine look which is ideal for occasions likegoing out on a date or having a tea part with your girlfriends.❤️ Website: Pink MORE sweatshirt with checkered mini skirt Blue lace blouse, black mini skirt and high knee stockings.  Ribbon dress with black heels […]

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Korean Twin Fashion

💜❤️💛.Korean Twin Fashion💜❤️💛. Twin look is dressing similiary with your friends to show friendship. It is a hot fashion trend in Korea and usually popular between teenage girls  Below are some of winter twin outfits: Online shop: (International shipping not available yet)  

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Korean Winter Hats

Korean Winter Hats Different ways to style in hats  Website: (International Shipping Available) Leopard Style Beret Orange Knitted Beanie Leopard Beanie White Wool Helmet Hat Mustard Knitted Beanie Black Wool Beret Fluffy White Bucket Hat Beige Knitted Beanie Beige Wool Beret Brown Knitted Beanie White Bucket Hat Brown Knitted Beanie Grey Wool Beret with […]

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Korean Couple Fashion

Korean Couple Fashion💛 Couple look is a popular trend in Korea and it is when couples dress up alike as their tastes in fashion become similar.  This is usually done by wearing corresponding fashion items such as t-shirts, hoodies, swearers and jackets or coats. Couple look is also a sign of showing their ‘love’ or […]

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